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Where to Buy

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Mirage is a government restricted vinyl product that is available solely to official government agencies. This product was initially designed for, and used extensively by the British Government during the war in Afghanistan. Since then, this product has been released back to the patent holder with the restriction that the product be available solely to public safety entities.

The Artworks Unlimited LLC was chosen as the sole North American distributor and installer of Mirage thermal graphics for many reasons. A few of them are that being located in Denver Colorado, they are central to all US agencies and is easily accessible to Canada as well. They are, and have been a leader in public safety vehicle graphics for over 30 years. As well as currently having public safety and commercial customers all over the country. Lastly, the president of The Artworks is currently a public safety professional and has been for over 25 years.

All of these things and many more give them the experience, ability, and the integrity needed to properly manage the deployment of this highly restricted and specialized product. Feel free to contact The Artworks Unlimited LLC to arrange a product trial, purchase of materials, and installation if needed.


Please call us directly at 303.790.7111 or submit the form below for more information on MirageTM graphic technology.

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